Soft armor

PGD soft armor solutions is designed to withstand todays most critical threats. Manufactured according to strictly international requirements the soft armor is designed to stop either bullets, stabs or both in a multi-threat solution.

We have a wide range of soft armor solutions available in both bullet, stab proof or multi-threat solutions for both our concealable and tactical carriers.

All of our soft armor is manufactured at our Danish facilities in Randers with high quality materials from Honeywell, which ensures that the end product is made with the best possible ballistic materials with a high proven track record in NIJ 0101.04 & NIJ 0101.06 certified solutions. 

We are specialized in manufacturing soft armor and can design it to comply with any another bullet proof standard (HOSDB, VPAM, German Schutzklasse, Swedish BYA) this can be arranged as we have many years of research experience in this field.

All soft armor is sealed with our special Ultrasonic heat sealing technology, which makes the soft armor 100% water resistant. This gives a more durable body armor, that can withstand to be used everyday, for atleast 5 years.

Soft armor solutions | NIJ 3a

All soft armor solutions below is made at our Danish factory in Randers. For more information click on each of the products to read more about the solution.

Flexible, thin and light (FTL). Bulletproof vest.

Bravo IIIA+27J

  • NIJ standard 0101.04&06 IIIA
  • NIJ 0115.00 S1 – 27 joules E2
  • Thickness insert: 7 mm
  • Areal density: 5.56 kg/m2
  • Flexibility: 5/10


Flexible, thin and light (FTL). Bulletproof vest.


  • NIJ standard 0101.04 IIIA
  • NIJ 0115.00 S1 – 55 joules E2
  • Thickness insert: 4.95 mm
  • Areal density: 5.36 kg/m2
  • Flexibility: 10/10


We welcome any customized orders. Please contact us ( for customized solutions.

Bullet- and stab proof vests (Multi threat)

If you need full protection against firearms, stabs and spikes, we have offer our Multi threat soft armor solutions which are made to resist Spikes, needles, stabs (Both HOSDB KR and SP + NIJ level 1-3) and ballistic threats up to NIJ level 3a.

Our multi-threat solutions are flexible and made to be worn both as both covert and overt body armor.

Ultra soft armor insert. Bulletproof vest

ULTRA IIIA + Stab/Spike level 1

  • NIJ standard 0101.06 & NIJ 0115.00
  • Thickness insert: 11 mm
  • S1, P1 and Spike level 1 (NIJ 0115.00)
  • Areal density 7.5 kg/m2
  • Flexibility: 7/10

Stab proof vests

Our stab proof vests are designed to be offer a low weight while being flexible and thin. Our stab proof vests is not only resistant against stabs, slashes, spikes, awls and needles but they also offers you protection against attacks from batons and other blunt instruments.

This gives you a 3-in-1 solution which is made to resist the most demanding threats!

We put alot of focus into plunt force trauma reduction solutions, as these threats should be considered just as dangerous as being stabbed. Once you are out of controle to protect yourself, the worst can happen.

All stab vests is designed and manufactured in Randers aswell. 

PGD-exoskeleton. Stab and spike resistance.

PGD Exoskeleton

  • NIJ standard 0115.00 level 3 (S1, P1 and Spike)
  • Thickness insert: 3 mm
  • Weight size L: 1,70 kg
  • Flexibility: 10/10


NIJ 3 - Exoskeleton stab proof vest video