Bullet proof vest – NIJ IIIA | PGD-Beta

The PGD-Beta bullet proof vest is our most economical solution for soft armor protection against handguns. The PGD-Beta is NIJ 0101.06 certified and listed on the compliance list.

PGD-beta is a very strong and flexible solution with a thinnes of 11 mm. Made in high-grade Twaron aramid from Teijin, you get a vest that offers NIJ IIIA protection stopping 9 mm, .357 SIG & .44 Magnum.

The bullet proof vest is lined with 1 mm spacer mesh which releases heat, sweat and moisture so you can keep a cool and comfortable body temperature. Furthermore the PGD-beta offers a ergonomic soft armor cut making it comfortable for daily tasks and the soft armor insert is very soft as it has a foam backing.