Bullet proof vest – NIJ IIIA | PGD-Alpha

The PGD-Alpha is a high quality bullet proof vest, made with high quality materials from TeijinⓇ, OutlastⓇ and Cordura fabricⓇ.

With a thinnes of only 7 mm, this vest is perfect for concealable use, where the OutlastⓇ technology makes it possible to wear this body armor up to 14 hours, as the technology regulates your body temperature, so you always feel “just right”.

Tested to NIJ 0101.06 against .44 Magnum and .357 SIG you get a bullet proof vest than easily defends the most common handguns in Europe.

The PGD-Alpha is made in a thin fire retardant Cordura FabricⓇ and has a ergonomic soft armor cut, so the body armor can be used for everyday use without compromising on the protection area.