Bullet-and stab proof vest | NIJ IIIA + KR2

The PGD IIIA+KR2 is a multi threat vest that is designed to stop both ballistic and stabbing threats from knives. This protection level is achieved with our high performance polyethlyene which is a thin and flexible solution that can be used for both concealable and overt use.

The PGD-IIIA+KR2 is made with OutlastⓇ PCM technology which keeps your body at the right temperature as the Technology can regulate this. Its a phase changing technology (PCM) that makes it possible to wear the body armor up to 14 hours.

The outer fabric of the carrier system is made in thin fabric which is durable for tear resistance and everyday use.

Tested to NIJ 0101.06 level 3a and HOSDB 2007 KR 2, you do not only get ballistic protection, but also protection against the rising threat from knives and edged objects.