Ballistic side plate – PGD-SP-HPPE-III+ | SA

Made in High Performance Polyethylene, the PGD-SP-HPPE-III+ | SA is a lightweight ballistic side plate that is strong against multiple hits.

The PGD-SP-HPPE-III+ is made to stop multiple rounds and resist the most advanced ballistic threats from AK47 MSC ball and M80 ball. Besides being multi hit rated the ballistic side plate is made with our ANTI-bfs liner, to protect against blunt force trauma from impacts.

Tested and manufactured to NIJ standard 0101.06 with anti-drop material and a water resistant fabric cover you get a durable ballistic plate with 7 years of guarantee.

The plate is single curved with square cut for a comfortable fit with a weight of 0.47 kg (15×15 cm) and 0.62 kg (20×15) and requires no soft armor behind.