Ballistic plate – PGD-Single-IV | SA

Made in AL203 ceramic, the PGD-Single-IV | SA is an very stable and strong ballistic plate that is one of our most economical solutions.

The PGD-Single-IV are made to resist the most advanced ballistic threats up to a .30-06 Springfield Armor piercing ball and multihit from AK47 MSC ball, M80 ball and the notorious M855A1, this is a ballistic plate that stops and defeats some of the most dangerous threats.

Tested and made to NIJ standard 0101.06 with anti-drop material and a water resistant fabric cover you get a durable ballistic plate with 7 years of guarantee.

The plate is single curved with SAPI cut for a comfortable fit with a weight of 3.40 kg and requires no soft armor behind.