Ballistic plate – PGD-ESAPI-IV | SA

Made in monolithic SIC ceramic, the PGD-ESAPI-IV | SA is our strongest and lightest NIJ level 4 ceramic plate, with full edge to edge ceramic.

The PGD-ESAPI-IV is made to stop armor piercing rounds and is tested against a single shot from .30-06 springfield and will defeat multiple hits from 7.62×39 msc (AK47), 7.62×51 nato (M80) and 5.56×45 (M855A1/SS109/M193).

Tested and manufactured to NIJ standard 0101.06 with anti-drop material and a water resistant fabric cover you get a durable ballistic plate with 7 years of guarantee.

The ESAPI plate comes in 5 different; S, M, L and XL and 25×30 cm, and weight starts from only 2.4 kg. The cut of the plate is ESAPI cut, with a multi curved shape.