Our Technologies

Protection Group Danmark (PGD)

Protection Group Danmark is a Danish company located in Randers where we research in the development of high performance body armor. We focus on developing high technology bullet- and stab proof vests, plates and helmets at a reasonable price without compromising on the quality!

We manufacture our bullet and stab resistant in well-known aramid fibers (Twaron and Kevlar) from Teijin ™ and Dupont™ who are the most well-known aramid manufacturers in the world. Furthermore we use Dyneema from DSM™ Which gives us the opportunity to deliver high quality ballistic products which comply with the National institute of justice and various other bullet- and stab resistant standards.

Complying with NIJ

Our bullet proof helmets comply with the NIJ standard 0106.01; NIJ IIIA where this helmet will stop the .44 Magnum and .357 SIG.  The helmets are also V50 tested according to STANAG2920, 17 grains 700 m/s. This is the NATO standard for the bullet proof resistance against shrapnel and fragments. Furthermore all our bullet proof helmets are EN397 certified which is reduced the impact damage of bullets in head and neck.

NIJ 0101.06 certificate (NIJ 0101.06 certificate)

Our Bullet proof vests comply with the NIJ standard 0101.06; NIJ IIA, II and IIIA with an excellent V50 test for NIJ IIIA. We can also manufacture according to the HOSDB standard or others. Furthermore it is possible to upgrade your bullet proof vest with hard armor plates in NIJ III and NIJ IV. These can be made in different materials as well, which has impact on the weight and the ballistic performance.

Lastly, we have specialized in the development of stab proof body armor which comply with NIJ standard 0115.00. Our stab resistant vests are not only stab resistant, but they also offer you a very low blunt force trauma from batons, kicks and punches. This is unique for a soft stab resistant vest, as these normally don’t offer any kind of blunt force trauma against these threats, which are more likely to occur than a knife attack.

Our Exoskeleton Stab proof vest tested against various knives, spikes and blunt objects as an axe, police baton and baseball bat with NO penetration and minimal blunt force trauma from the blunt objects. 

Other Certificates

  • NIJ 0101.06 certified products ensuring you products that have been tested to one of the toughest ballistic standards in the world.
  • ISO 9001:2008 which is ensures that all the products you buy from Protection Group Danmark are uniform and made according to very strict rules when manufacturing the products. In this way you will get the highest possible quality without any errors.
  • ISO14001:2004 which is a standard for environmental friendly manufacturing and being preventive against environmental changes.