Customized Body armor

PGD-bodyarmor can manufacture customized bullet proof vests and ballistic plates according to your needs and requirements. This means that we will design the carrier and ballistic system according to your needs (customized). We have a wide range of panel solutions both in shape and materials which will depend on whether you need a concealable covert bullet proof vest or if it’s a tactical overt bullet proof vest.

We have three different bullet proof panels:
1. PGD Pyramid bullet proof panel: Where the ergonomic aspect is brought into focus
2. PGD Steel bullet proof panel: Here the protection area is increased at the chest region.
3. PGD Tactical bullet proof panel: This panel package is made for tactical solutions, and includes groin, shoulder, collar, throat and arm protection. We use the BALCS soft armor cut for our tactical solutions.

Our ballistic soft armor solutions comply with the NIJ:

  • NIJ IIA against 9mm; .40 S&W
  • NIJ II against 9mm; .357 Magnum
  • NIJ IIIA against .357 SIG; .44 Magnum

If you require the soft armor panel to comply with another bullet proof standard (HOSDB, VPAM, German Schutzklasse, Swedish BYA) this can be arranged as we have many years of research experience in this field.

Body armor from Protection Group Danmark is tested to some of the toughest standards in the world, like the NIJ 0101.06 standard. Please note that we have certified soft armor according to NIJ level 3a and are listed on the NIJ compliance list.

Bullet proof vests

We ultilize both UHMWPE and Aramid for our soft armor solutions. Below we have listed some of our most popular ballistic solutions for soft armor amongst our clients. Our PGD-BETA is a low cost solution which is NIJ standard 0101.06 certified, where ALPHA is a improved solution that are thinner, lighter and more flexible. Furthermore the PGD-Alpha is also stab resistant up to 42 joules.


  • NIJ standard 0101.06 & NIJ 0115.00
  • Thickness insert: 7 mm
  • Weight size L: 1.47 kg
  • Flexibility: 8/10


  • NIJ standard 0101.06
  • Thickness insert: 11 mm
  • Weight size L: 1.74 kg
  • Flexibility: 8/10

We also have materials available from Dyneema, DSM and Kevlar XP, Dupont. Please contact us ( for solutions made with Dyneema and kevlar as we keep stock of Kevlar XP, SB71 and SB115.

Bullet- and stab proof vests (Multi threat)

We also have our own PGD UHMWPE which is used in multi-threat vests. This solution is not just very strong against pistol rounds, but very strong against sharp edged blades and pointed instruments.
This solution can both be used in Covert and Overt bullet- and stab proof vests. We can make the vest in NIJ IIIA + KR1,KR2,KR3 / SP1,SP2,SP3 according to HOSDB Cast and NIJ level 1, 2 and 3 according to NIJ standard 0115.00


  • NIJ standard 0101.06 & 0115.00
  • Thickness insert: 8 mm
  • Weight size L: 2.05 kg
  • Flexibility: 6/10


  • NIJ standard 0101.06 & 0115.00
  • Thickness insert: 10.5 mm
  • Weight size L: 2.24 kg
  • Flexibility: 5/10

Stab proof vests

We have developed our very own unique solutions which is both very flexible, low weight and thin. These stab proof vests is not only resistant against stabs, slashes, spikes, awls and needles but they also offers you protection against attacks from batons and other blunt instruments.

This gives you a 3-in-1 solution which is made to resist the most demanding threats!

We have two different solutions depending on the level of protection you need.

NIJ 3 – EXOSKELETON works together with all our soft armor inserts, and can be used in conjunction with all IIIA inserts to achieve highest level of protection against handguns, spikes, knives, needles and blunt objects.


  • NIJ standard 0115.00 (S1 blade)
  • Thickness insert: 6 mm
  • Weight size L: 1,67 kg
  • Flexibility: 6/10

NIJ 3 | PGD-Exoskeleton

  • NIJ standard 0115.00 (S1, P1 and Spike)
  • Thickness insert: 6 mm
  • Weight size L: 1,70 kg
  • Flexibility: 10/10

NIJ 3 - Exoskeleton stab proof vest video

Ballistic hard armor plates

Ballistic plates from Protection Group Danmark are made in Al2O3 Ceramic, SIC Ceramic and 100% polyethylene. This gives us the opportunity to deliver some of the most advanced plates against the following threats: NIJ III against 7.62×51, NIJ III+ against 5.56×45, 7.62×39 and lastly our NIJ IV against 7.62x63mm M2 AP.

Our ballistic plates has all been tested against the following threats, please contact if you need more details.
7.62×51 NATO, M80 (NIJ level 3 0101.06)
7.62×39 MSC (NIJ level 3+ 0101.06)
5.56×45 SS109 (NIJ level 3++ 0101.06)
7.62×63 M2 AP (NIJ level 4 0101.06)

Light weight and exceeding NIJ std. 0101.06
Our bullet resistant plates are complying with the NIJ standard 0101.06, and some of our plates even exceed this standard. Our NIJ III PE plate has a weight of only 1.5 kilo (30x25cm) and has the ability to stop multiple shots from higher rated bullets as 5.56×45 m193 and AK47.

Fits in all PGD body armor series
All our ballistic hard armor plates comes in different sizes depending on what type of plate you are looking for. We have 6×6, 6×8, 8×10, 10×12 and up to 14×11

In conjunction with and stand-alone
We can deliver bullet proof plates in both ICW and SA. The mentioned plates in the description box below are our standard plates made in SAPI style with in both single and multicurved plates. We can make the plates in both water resistant cordura cover and polyurea spray painted versions that are 100% water proof.

Single Curve, Multicurve and different cuts
The bullet proof plates can be made according to your shape at your request. We can make the plates in shooters cut, SAPI/ESAPI, trimmed, swimmers and tactical cut. Furthermore we can also both single and multicurve plates.

We do not require any high minimum orders for manufacturing ballistic hard armor plates.

Available colors
Please contact if you require other colors, as black is standard color. We can also do Tan, Multicam etc.

AL203 Ballistic series

  • NIJ Standard 0101.06 level 3&4
  • ICW & SA
  • from 2.1 kilo to 3.3 kilo

SIC ballistic series

  • NIJ Standard 0101.06 level 3&4
  • ICW & SA
  • from 1.7 kilo to 3.15 kilo

100% HPPE Ballistic series

  • NIJ Standard 0101.06 level 3&4
  • ICW & SA
  • from 1.1 kilo to 1.5 kilo

Manufacturing process of ballistic plates