Body armor for security guards

When working as a security guard, the object you are guarding can be very different. You can be guarding a property, a certain object or a person.

Lately many jobs as protecting bank transports, protecting banks and certain areas have also become a regular job in the security industry making this a very versatile job.

As a security guard your job will be different, and when it comes to what type of body armor you need to wear, it can be different from job to job.

You would need to look at the type of threats that could occur while working.

Stab proof vests for security guards

If you need to detain people when working at a mall, store or guarding different areas where you physically need to detain people till the police arrives, you would need protection against potential stabbings and the blunt force trauma from physical violence as kicks or if the detained try to use a blunt object to paralyze you.

We offer 2 types of vests that are made to stop knives, spikes, needles and blunt objects. The difference of these types lies in the level of protection they offer.


NIJ standard 0115.00 (S1 blade)
Thickness insert: 6 mm
Weight size L: 1,67 kg
Flexibility: 6/10

The NIJ 1 – Soft stab insert is a economical and low profile stab resistant insert stopping knives, spikes and needles as well as a limited blunt force trauma protection against smaller blunt objects. The demonstration video below shows the features of the NIJ 1 – soft stab proof vest.

NIJ 3 | PGD-Exoskeleton

NIJ standard 0115.00 (S1, P1 and Spike)
Thickness insert: 6 mm
Weight size L: 1,70 kg
Flexibility: 10/10

NIJ 3 – PGD-exoskeleton is our most advanced stab resistant vest, offering NIJ level 3 protection up to 65 joules (with NO penetration) against S1 and P1 edged blade and spike in accondance with NIJ standard 0115.00.

Bullet proof vests for security guards

However for other security guards for example; bank security, bank transport security or security staff in air ports you would need protection against ballistic threats, which isnt offered by the solutions above.

For this you would need a bullet proof vest, that can be concealed below your clothing, and be a “part” of your uniform.

It is important that the bullet proof vest is concealed and can be worn for long periods without getting in the way when you are doing your job.

For this we have developed a bulletproof vest made in high-grade cordura fabric that is very thin and durable. The inside material of the bullet proof vest towards the body, is Outlast PCM technology, which can cool if you are warm, and also keep you warm if you are cold. Outlast PCM is a technology that makes sure you have the right body temperature, making it possible to wear a vest up to 14 hours.


NIJ standard 0101.06
Thickness insert: 7 mm
Weight size L: 1.74 kg
Flexibility: 7/10