Body armor for Journalists

When working as a journalist you can be required to work in some of the most dangerous environments in the pursuit to offer the truth. This can be both in combat zones, but also countries where the freedom of speech is limited.

When looking at the death rate of journalists since 1992 a total of 1809 journalists have been killed according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Alone in 2017, 66 journalists were killed; 18 were murdered, 10 died during a dangerous assignment, 18 died during cross fire and the last 20 the motive is unconfirmed.

Journalists killed from 1992-2018 (Murder, Crossfire and Dangerous Assignment)

When looking at these statistics they show there is a need for body armor amongst journalists, and that it is important that the requirement can be different from journalist to journalist.

We manufacturer different types of armor, depending on the type of journalism you need the body armor for. This could be low profile body armor, so they don’t notice you’re a journalists or high profile body armor with “press” patches and press colors.

It is very important to know, that the more protection you need, the heavier, and more protective solution you will get. Below we have listed some of our most common body armor solutions for journalists. 

Body armor solutions for journalists

  • For concealable body armor for journalists, we manufacture bullet proof vests than can be concealed below clothing, with a weight at about 2 kilo total. It is possible to add hard armor plates in 250×200 mm against high-caliber and armor-piercing ammunition if this is required.
  • For overt body armor for journalists, which are to be worn above clothing, we offer solutions that have a larger area of protection. These are heavier and more complex solutions, with the possibility of adding groin, neck, shoulder and biceps protection, and are often used in combat zones.

Depending on where in the world you will be stationed as a journalists, the need of body armor can be different. Foreaxmple going into combat zones, you would need ballistic plates that can stop rifle fire from AK 47, M80 and similar high velocity rounds.  

Furthermore some plates are made only to defeat mild steel cores and full metal jacked, where as some plates are made to stop armor piercing rounds.

The need of ballistic helmets would also be needed, as this would protect you against fragments and shrapnels. We manufacture low profile helmets and high profile helmets with “press” letters printed on the front.

At Protection Group Danmark we have experience in getting you the correct piece of body armor, so you will have a peace of mind when doing your work, so you don’t have to worry about your security. 

Please contact us at or +45 61274857 for assistance regarding our body armor solutions for journalists.