Body armor for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

When working in the Emergency Medical Services you would not think that this is a dangerous job. However the truth is it is a job where both paramedics and ambulance personal can be in a great danger as EMS personnel often work with injured people in need of assistance here and now.

People may be intoxicated, drugged, panicking and in generally not be in a normal state of mind, and this makes it hard for the EMS personnel to perform their job without the right kind of protection.

Lately the no-go zones in Scandinavia have shown that EMS are in need of body armor as it can be dangerous entering a “no-go zone”.

Sweden have had an increasing number of no-go zones and Swedish medics and EMS are in need of body armor to enter certain no-go zones. The debate started back in 2015 when the Swedish police released a list of so-called “vulnerable areas”, in which they have a total of 61 “no-go” zones in 2017.  Norway and Denmark have also discussed the matters regarding no go zones, but no official report from the police have been released. However it is possible to find articles regarding EMS getting attacked when entering the wrong zones.

Furthermore the increasing number of terror attacks also points out the importance of EMS wearing body armor or atleast having access to a bulletproof vest or stab proof vest in critical solutions. The fatalities have risen from 2 terror attacks in 2014 go 30 in 2016, with the deadliest being in Paris in november 2015.

Body armor is required as EMS

The need of body armor will be different depending what type of EMS work you do, and the type of body armor will be differently depending on the laws and guidelines that are set by the country you are working in.

However when this is said, we manufacture custom-made solutions for EMS depending on what type of body armor you would need.

Concealable body armor for EMS

We manufacture concealable vests for paramedics, ambulance and EMS personal. These vests can be hidden below clothing and can protect you against small hand guns, knives, spikes and needles. It is very important to understand, that some body armor systems are only made to stop the knife threat and are most likely not stop the spike threat, where as both is needed for EMS.

Furthermore a type of threat that most would neglect is the protection against blunt objects. These are more likely to occur than someone pulling a knife, spike or even a handgun. We have developed blunt force trauma systems to protection you against these threats.

The demonstration video below shows our unique stab proof vest, which can stop needles, spikes, knives and blunt objects very easily. This solution also works together with our ballistic solutions.


Overt body armor for EMS

For overt body armor we can manufacture different types of overt body armor. These overt solutions can be both high visibility vests as well as very low profile solutions that is a part of the uniform in the required color.

For the protection level we will assist you to choose the right level of protection depending your situation. For the overt solutions it is possible to add hard-armor plates if you need protection again rifle fire.

For more information or any questions about our body armor for EMS, please contact our team at +45 61274857 or