Body armor for bouncers (bullet-and stab proof vests)

When working as a bouncer you will be operating in the frontline with people that may be drunk or intoxicated, which makes you the authority who have to deal with all kind of stuff like telling how to behave or even stop fights, which makes the job very dangerous.

As a bouncer you would have to take a step back, and think about what kind of threats would be most likely to occur when working; would it be a gun? a knife or a spike?

These would normally be what most people would guess, but most people would not guess that blunt force trauma protection from blunt objects, is the most important protection you will need.

Blunt force trauma is the impact from blunt objects such as baseball bats, a baton or just a simple kick, which can make you lose your breath, and you would have no chance to protect yourself against the attacker. 

You can simply cross off this list of bullet points for different types of protection that you would need:

  • Protection from Edged blades (tactical knives, pocket knives etc)
  • Protection from Spikes
  • Protection from Needles
  • Blunt force trauma protection from blunt objects
  • Ballistic protection from hand-guns.

Many solutions would only offer you protection from bullets, where as very few also have multi-threat protection against spikes and edged blades, as it often is very expensive and difficult to manufacture.

At PGD-body armor we have developed such solution, that can stop either the first 4 or all threats. for example our exoskeleton stab proof vest, which is made to defeat all kind of blunt force trauma, as well as knives, spikes and needles, which gives you a 4-in-1 vest stopping all types of edged blades and spikes as well as blunt force trauma.

If you would need protection against handguns it is possible to use our exoskeleton stab resistant vest in conjunction with a ballistic insert, or with our HPPE (high performance polyethylene) solution, which are made to stop the same threats, but with “less” protection, as the exoskeleton insert, stops up to 65 joules from edged blades and spikes.

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Recommended body armor solutions for bouncers


  • NIJ standard 0101.06 & HOSDB 2007 KR1
  • Thickness insert: 8,5 mm
  • Weight size L: 2,05 kg
  • Flexibility: 6/10

PGD-UHMWPE NIJ IIIA+KR1 is a multi-threat insert stopping handguns up to a .44 magnum and knives, spikes and needles. Furthermore the solution also offer a limited blunt force trauma protection against a smaller blunt objects.


NIJ standard 0115.00 (S1 blade)
Thickness insert: 6 mm
Weight size L: 1,67 kg
Flexibility: 6/10

The NIJ 1 – Soft stab insert is a economical and low profile stab resistant insert stopping knives, spikes and needles as well as a limited blunt force trauma protection against smaller blunt objects. The demonstration video below shows the features of the NIJ 1 – soft stab proof vest.

NIJ 3 | PGD-Exoskeleton

NIJ standard 0115.00 (S1, P1 and Spike)
Thickness insert: 6 mm
Weight size L: 1,70 kg
Flexibility: 10/10

NIJ 3 – PGD-exoskeleton is our most advanced stab resistant vest, offering NIJ level 3 protection up to 65 joules (with NO penetration) against S1 and P1 edged blade and spike in accondance with NIJ standard 0115.00.

Furthermore the stab proof vest offers a high blunt force trauma against various objects as baseball bats, batons, kicks etc.