Ballistic helmets; How to choose what is right for you

.44 magnum test ARCH helmet

Ballistic helmets comes in a lot of variations and types and it can be difficult to spot the actual difference between a 1500 euro helmet vs a 400 euro helmet.

Aramid helmets have been on the body armor market for years, where as the polyethylene came later and is the “new black”.

However both have their advantages and disadvantages. When buying a ballistic helmet some people have a lot of focus on the weight without looking at the ballistic properties. Polyethylene helmets offers a good protection from fragmentations and are very light, however the back face deformation against handguns is often horrible.

Aramid helmets is heavier, yet they have both a good fragmentation protection and back face deformation against handguns.

Our unique composition of the woven aramid fibers makes the shell a few mm thicker and a little heavier. However with a weight at only 1,15 kg (shell only) the extra 200-300 gram weight is worth compared to the extra amount of protection you receive.

The shrapnel and fragment protection is similar, however the big difference are in the back face deformation. Compared the PGD ARCH helmet offers at least up to 50% reduction against 9 mm FMJ.

9 mm BFD for PGD ballistic helmets


Weight of shell1150 gram (0.11 m2)780 gram (0.11 m2)
Finished shell including suspension, padding, mount, rails + velcro1475 gram +- 50 gram1214 gram
V50 17 grain FSP702 m/s700 m/s
9 mm BFD11.5 mm (5 impacts)24.65 mm (4 impacts)
Price444 incl vat (355 USD without danish vat)1720 USD (US only)

When looking at the specifications, the high cost helmet might be lighter, yet the ballistic properties against handguns is often not very good. Please note that the 9 mm velocity on the OPS-core helmet is 364 m/s where as the PGD-ARCH is 440 m/s.

If you want resistance against handguns, please note whether the helmet have been tested against the full NIJ IIIA threat, which includes both the .44 Magnum and the 9 mm. Some helmets can only withstand the 9 mm, and wont stop a .44 Magnum.

HPW-TP-0401.01B 9 mm IIIA test

Test standards of the PGD ARCH

  • HPW-TP-0401.01B against 9 mm according to protection level IIIA. Shot 5 places with an avarage BFS of 11.2 mm
  • STANAG2920 against fragments with up to 702 m/s
  • NIJ IIIA 0106.01 modified to IIIA 44 Magnum threat. Shot 4 places with an average BFS at 28 mm.
  • EN397 certified

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