About PGD body armor

Founded in 2013, PGD body armor is a company that has specialised the development of high performance body armor at low cost, without compromising on the quality.

We are located in Randers, Denmark where we research and design all our solutions. We are known for being a company that makes unique solutions that are tailored to the need of the end-users.

We work together with a wide range of agencies and companies in Europe allowing us to get first-hand data from the end-users allowing us to develop products that fulfill your requirements and needs.

Stopping the most advanced threats

We have a wide range of bullet proof vests in different overt and covert designs according to your need. PGD-bodyarmor manufactures bullet resistant vests in different protection levels according to the British HOSDB standard; HG1/A, HG1, HG2 and HG3. The American standard from the National Institute of Justice in NIJ IIA, NIJ IIA 

and NIJ IIIA + different special threats according to your requirement. These can be upgraded to resist rifle threats as well.

All our bullet proof vests are manufactured in well-known bullet proof materials;  Kevlar® aramid from Dupont™, Twaron® aramid from Teijin™ , Dyneemaa® from DSM™ and our own PGD-UHMWPE® which is used for bullet- and stab resistant solutions. This makes it possible for you to get a bullet proof vest that is designed to meet the requirements in your target group.

The european market is not only about ballistic protection

As standard a bullet proof vest is NOT stab or spike resistant in any way which is needed for the European market. Today’s threats is not only bullets, but knives, spikes and especially blunt objects.

For this we have developed soft stab/spike proof vests for the european market that can stop up to 65 joules from a knife and spike (level 3 according to NIJ standard 0115.00 and KR3+SP3 according to HOSDB 2007).

These can both be used as stand alone and in conjunction with our soft armor solutions to provide you the highest level of protection.

Made for YOU as a end-user

All of our products are made for you as a end-user meaning, that we do not only follow ballistic guidelines from NIJ, but we exceed these by developing products that stop both new threats, but also  

  • Stab proof vests that exceeds the stab resistant standards and stop more than 65 joules from the E2 drop.
  • Unique Blunt force trauma system that can stop baseball bats, batons and kicks with minimal blunt force trauma.
  • Ballistic hard armor plates made to stop AK47 and SS109/M855, exceeding the NIJ 0101.06 standard which only tests the M80.
  • Ergonomic designs made for best possible comfort.