Protection Group Danmark

About us

Protection Group Danmark is a Danish company who has specialized in manufacturing of high performance bullet and stab proof body armor. We have a wide range of bullet- and stab proof vests, helmets and hard armor plates which are made in accordance with the newest ballistic and stab resistant standards. We strive to deliver quality at a reasonable price.


made in europe


ISO9001:2015 certified

Designed and manufactured in Denmark according to the highest quality standards. Our factory in Randers is ISO9001:2015 certified, which insures that the products you buy from us is made according to strict quality requirements. 

Made in quality materials

Product portfolio

We use well-known ballistic and stab resistant materials in all of our products from companies such as Teijin, Honeywell and DSM Dyneema. This insures that the products we manufacture is made to withstand the most commen threats!

Made with materials with a high track record for NIJ 0101.04&06 you get a body armor you can trust your life with!